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Lirik dan Kunci Gitar Dewa - Flower in the desert

Dewa - Flower in the desert

        Bm                C#m 
you always have something nice to say
makes me sway
and why
        F#                Bm
does my heart keep beatin fast
when you
kiss my lips
when all the sugar has gone
i don`t know how
    Bm            F#          
but you make everything feels like
    Bm         E
the very first time
Am             G
you can make a man like me
F                E
fallin` in love again
Dm                   C                Bm   E
though loving you is breaking all the rules
Am              G              F#m B
please, tell me what to do you are

you are the flower in a desert
that`s what you are
flower in a desert
that`s what you are
    Am                D
you brings me joy and happiness
     G        B
when i`m all alone

Interlude Em Bm 2x Am D G B
            C D Bm Em
A             Bm             C#m
why could you always make me feel the same
i love your way
       Bm            F#
though i should have known
               Bm      E
this is just a game we play
A           Bm                        C#m
hey smiling face have you ever really loved a man
till you sway
   Bm       F#                         Bm
or have you just been taking all these things
for granted

Interlude A Bm C#m F# Bm F# Bm E 2x

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